If you want to hire a floor tile removal machine, our range of floor strippers is just what you need.

Concrete Hire have many years of experience in concrete equipment hire in Perth, and our advice equipment is second to none.

View our range of floor scraper rental equipment below, then contact us for a quote.

Jackhammer Trolley

Powerful Hitachi jackhammer mounted in an easy to use trolley. The trolley supports the weight of the jackhammer, allowing the operator to simply push the hammer through the material. Trigger on handle changes angle of hammer with one click. 

Power: 240v
Dimensions: 650 x 350 x 800
Weight: 35kg
Hire Floor Tile Removal Machine

Floor Stripper Self Propelled 240v

Heavy duty industrial floor stripper for removing large areas of cork, tiles, vinyl and lino. Hydraulic drive drive the floor stripper in forward and reverse. High speed oscillating blade that allows it to slice under the material making removal easier and quicker.

Power: 240v
Dimensions: 990 x 495 x 990
Weight: 165kg
Floor Tile Removal Machine Hire Perth
Floor Scraper Rental Perth

Floor Stripper Ride On Battery

Powerful Ride on Stripper for fast removal of Tiles, Screed, Membranes, Vinyl, Lino and Carpet.  Small powerful and compact. Fits easily in lifts for high rise work. Can go through narrow doorways for residential work. Comes with Drive on Drive off trailer. Removal rate of 200m2/hr.

Power: Battery 48v (10-12hr run time)
Dimensions: 1500 x 620 x 1280
Weight: 1015kg

Floor Stripper Ride On LPG

Large Ride on Stripper for fast removal of Tiles, Screed, Membranes, Vinyl, Lino and Carpet.  

Hydraulic rams control lift and pitch. Detachable weights up to 900kg can be removed for transport and going up elevators.

Removal rate of 200m2/hr

Power: 58hp LPG
Dimensions: 1880 x 660 x 1520
Weight: 1900kg (detachable weights)
Ride On Floor Stripper Hire Perth