Shotblasters use fine ball bearings to clean and prepare concrete, asphalt and steel. The process is captive and enclosed under the machine resulting in a very clean dust free process. Leaving the surface with a ‘sandpaper’ finish.

Hire a concrete Shot Blaster in Perth to remove paints, coatings and curing compounds from concrete, line marking from asphalt. The process is also ideal for rapid removal of rust and scale from steel on barges, oil rigs and ships as it is a dry process leaving the area clean and moisture free for the new coating.

As experts in concrete Shot Blasting in Perth, Concrete Hire will ask the right questions to make sure the correct equipment, steel shot and steel grit is selected so your job is completed quickly and cost effectively.

All Shotblasters require vacuums to run the process – check our concrete dust vacuum page for our range.

Please contact us if you require more information on any of our concrete equipment rental in Perth.

Shotblaster Medium 240v

Powerful 240 volt shotblaster for preparing concrete, steels and asphalt in smaller tighter areas. 

Comes with Vacuum Medium for dust free operation. Vacuum medium - click here

Power: 240v 15amp
Dimensions: 1200 x 400 x 1000
Weight: 110kg
Shotlbaster Medium.jpg

Shotblaster Large 415v

Very powerful 415 volt shotblaster for fast preparation of concrete, steels and asphalt in smaller tighter areas. 

Comes with Vacuum Large 415v for dust free operation. Vacuum large - click here


Power: 415v 32amp
Dimensions: 1600 x 500 x 1200
Weight: 320kg
Shotblaster Large.jpg