Concrete Grinders are typically used to remove glues, coatings, membranes, high spots or to prepare concrete for new floor coverings and paints. Machine selection will vary depending on the area, access and power available.
At Concrete Hire we’ll ask the right questions to make sure the correct concrete grinder rental equipment, and more importantly the correct diamond tooling, is selected so your job is completed quickly and cost effectively.
All grinders are fitted with dust shrouds so a concrete vacuum can be fitted for dust controlled grinding.
We have a great range of concrete equipment hire in Perth, contact us for a quote.

Grinder Handheld Small

Air driven Handheld scabbler for roughing up concrete on walls and in small hard to reach areas.

Power: 240v
Dimensions: 440 x 160 x 175
Weight: 4.7kg

Grinder Handheld - Large

Hand grinder fitted with flip-up front shroud for edge grinding. Polyurethane dust shroud connects with vacuum for dust controlled grinding.

Attaches to our Small Vacuum. vacuum small - click here

Power: 240v
Dimensions: 450 x 200 x 125
Weight: 5kg
Polisher Large Remote Control 415v.jpg

Grinder Small

Small light weight grinder, ideal for small  residential  floor grinding and preparation jobs. Fitted with a vacuum the process is dust free refer to vacuum small - click here

Power: 240v 10amp
Dimensions: 800 x 300 x 700
Weight: 50kg
Grinder Small 240v.jpg

Grinder Medium

A very powerful 240volt grinder for large residential grinding jobs and commercial flooring jobs. Tooling can be quickly changed to remove glues, paints and coatings Also good for honing alfresco and outdoor areas around pools and sheds.

Attaches to our medium vacuum for dust free grinding. vacuum medium - click here

Power: 240v 10amp
Dimensions: 550 x 500 x 1000
Weight: 150kg

Grinder Large

Large powerful 415volt grinder. Works very well removing carpet glues, vinyl glues, coatings and membranes. Also good for honing down lumps and bumps.

Attached to our Large Vacuum for dust free grinding. vacuum large - click here

Power: 415v 20amp
Dimensions: 1600 x 850 x 1000
Weight: 350kg
Grinder Large 415v-1.jpg

Grinder Large Remote Control

Large powerful remote control grinder. For rapidly preparing concrete and for polishing concrete. No need to hang onto to the end of Large machine anymore. Let your fingers do the work. All functions can be controlled by the remote; speed of Heads, Drive Speed and Oscillation. Capable of full polish from rapid stock removal and up to the final 3000 grit polish. Can also do floor preparation, glue and paint removal. Battery back up allows grinder to be driven around when disconnected from mains power. Connects to Dust Collector Medium for dust controlled grinding.

Power: 415v 32amp
Dimensions: 1260 x 700 x 1100
Weight: 500kg

Grinder Planetary 415v – 800 series

One of the largest Planetary Grinders on the market  for  grinding, honing and polishing concrete floors. Ideal for large commercial floors. Attaches to our Dust Collector Large for dust controlled grinding.

Tooling can be quickly changed from diamonds to polish pads.

Power: 415v 32amp
Dimensions: 1600 x 810 x 1250
Weight: 660kg
Grinder Planetary 415v 800 series.jpg

Grinder Heavy Duty

Four heavy duty 415volt motors power this heavy duty grinder, for rapid removal of coatings, glues and membranes. Also good for honing down lumps and bumps.

Attaches to our Heavy Duty Vacuum. Vacuum Heavy Duty - click here

Power: 415v 32amp
Dimensions: 1800 x 800 x 1000
Weight: 600kg
Grinder Large 415v-1.jpg