Top 5 Tips For Preparing Concrete

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Even a beginner can lay concrete and/or prepare a concrete substrate for a special finish or floor coating. 

That said, the successful application of concrete does depend on a number of factors including careful mixing, the proper equipment and attention to detail and so both beginners and experienced contractors will appreciate these top five tips on preparing concrete.

Tip 1:  Be mindful of the ambient temperature when working with concrete.

If it’s very hot outside or in the area where concrete is being laid, you may experience problems.  There may be premature loss of water from concrete and the because of the heat, the concrete may set too quickly, so it’s important to know the risks and plan ahead. 

Things to do include:

  • Moistening the sub-grade and surrounds before placing the concrete

  • Ensuring you have sufficient manpower to handle the job quickly and efficiently

  • Shading the area from direct sunlight

  • Using wet covers to keep the surface damp

  • Making sure your concrete equipment is fully functional and ready to go

Tip 2:  Make sure you prepare the concrete surface properly.

Concrete surfaces need to be prepared prior to any resurfacing or upgrading to a decorative finish and anyone who bypasses this stage or does a half-hearted job will pay the price.  Proper surface preparation is essential to a successful concreting job and the extensive range of tools and machines available these days makes it possible for even Home DIYers to achieve a professional finish.

Steps that may be necessary include cleaning of the surface to remove any dirt, chemicals, oil, grease or other contaminants, filling any holes, cracks or other surface defects and mechanically grinding the surface to give it the appropriate surface profile which will enable overlays or coatings to bond properly.

Tip 3: Choose the right concrete equipment

From screed mixers and sprayers, screed levellers, compactors, grinders and polishers and everything in between, a huge variety of machinery is available for every concrete preparation job.   Choosing the right equipment is crucial and you need to consider the size of the project, the properties of the concrete being laid, how flat or level you need the finished slab to be and what finish you’re after.   An experienced concrete equipment supplier can help you make the appropriate equipment choices so that you get the job done quickly and efficiently to the highest quality standards and within budget.

Tip 4:     Tempting as it may be, don’t risk damaging your concrete foundation or floor by removing the formwork prematurely.  Concrete needs a good while to harden or cure, so you need to be patient otherwise you may break the edges or run the risk of surface cracking.

Tip 5: Clean your equipment

You’ll probably only make this mistake once, but if you’re working with concrete, remember to clean your tools and your boots before the concrete dries!  And remember, concrete contains lime which is fairly corrosive so don’t take any risks and wear the appropriate safety gear like gloves and long pants and wash any residue off your skin immediately.

For the perfect finish to any concrete preparation job, large or small, it’s worth getting expert advice.  The professionals at Concrete Hire have years of industry experience and can help with equipment selection, concrete preparation tips, troubleshooting, technical advice, hands-on demonstrations and training, so if you’re looking for the best concrete equipment hire company in Perth, they’re the best partners for you.