Finding The Best Solution For Cleaning Your Concrete Floor


Concrete floors tick all the right boxes in terms of aesthetics, durability, functionality, affordability and convenience but they have one small drawback.   They aren’t self-cleaning!

The good news is that there are machines that make cleaning your concrete floor simple, quick and easy.  However, it’s important to know that there are different types of concrete cleaners and for the best outcome, always choose the application that’s best-suited for your needs.

From walk-behind floor scrubbers and hand-held pressure washers to large, high-productivity ride-on floor sweepers, there’s a myriad different types of concrete cleaning equipment for cleaning domestic, commercial and industrial floors, both indoors and outside. 

It’s probably helpful to chat to an experienced equipment dealer who knows the capabilities and limitations of the various pieces of equipment and who can therefore give you an informed recommendation on what floor-cleaning approach will best meet your needs and expectations.

The basic difference between the various concrete floor cleaners is that some are ‘dry’ and some are ‘wet’.  

The wet machines (concrete scrubbers) work by applying water, detergent or a degreasing chemical solution onto the floor which is then agitated by the mechanical brush or brushes.  The dirty solution is recovered by a long squeegee at the back of the machine which is connected to an onboard vacuum and transferred to a dirty water tank. 

Dry machines (concrete sweepers) work by using rotating brushes to collect dirt and debris into a bin.  An onboard vacuum and filter system control the dry dust and keep airborne particles to a minimum.  

The equipment you choose will depend on your particular cleaning need.  You may need to get rid of oil, grease or forklift tyre marks on the floor in a warehouse or be looking for an everyday solution for ordinary household dirt on your concrete floor in your home.  Because  concrete is such a versatile flooring material, there are endless different applications and it’s important to choose the best way of cleaning your concrete floor.

All of the concrete cleaning equipment that we hire is manufactured by the Tennant Company who are recognised leaders in equipment design, so you can be assured you are getting the highest quality machines on the market which will help you get your job done fast, more easily and with better results.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our quality concrete cleaning equipment for hire:

  • Lightweight, walk-behind sweeper for small projects

  • Small, manoeuvrable battery-powered and self-propelled sweeper for fast cleaning of small industrial and commercial properties.

  • Large ride-on sweeper with cylindrical floor brush and rotary side brush, ideal for large commercial and industrial sites. It has a bin which can be electronically raised up to skip bin height for easy tipping and emptying.

  • Small manoeuvrable 240v floor scrubber for fast scrubbing of smaller industrial and commercial properties - both inside and outside.

  • Large ride-on scrubber (370kg) with 35V battery for highly efficient cleaning of larger floor areas in commercial or industrial applications

Sweep or scrub - there’s no ‘best’ way to clean a concrete floor, but there’s a best way for your particular application.

It’s important to find the right floor cleaning approach that meets your needs in terms of quality of outcomes, productivity, value-for-money and ease-of-use, so come and talk to our knowledgeable and experienced team at Concrete Hire about a concrete equipment hire solution.  With 20 years’ industry experience and a range of the highest quality specialist concrete equipment for hire, we’ve got your concrete cleaning needs covered.  Call us on 0418 222 273 or visit to see our extensive range of concrete cleaning solutions.