Best Options For Cleaning Your Concrete Floors

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If you’ve got a concrete floor in your home or commercial property, or are considering putting down a concrete surface, you probably want to know how best to clean it.

Concrete flooring has become a hugely popular option in many different applications because it’s so hard-wearing, hygienic, versatile, eco-friendly, economical and of course, easy to maintain.  But even though it’s such a star performer, it still needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Regardless of where the concrete floor has been installed - whether it’s in a hospital, airport, warehouse, factory, shop, office or home - the best cleaning solution is to use specialised concrete floor cleaning equipment.  You can get floor scrubbers and floor cleaners sweepers in many different sizes and capabilities, from powerful heavy duty ride-on equipment and self-propelled walk-behind units to portable ones which can be operated with ease by a single person.

You’ve chosen a concrete floor for good reason and it makes sense to keep it looking its best and performing at its peak for as long as possible.  Unlike traditional ‘mop and bucket’ or broom methods which are labour-intensive and time-consuming (not to mention messy and inconvenient!), mechanised concrete floor cleaning equipment makes swift work of the job, leaving the surface dust and grime-free and ready for traffic. 

Design innovations have led to the development of ergonomic equipment that can access tight spaces and negotiate difficult angles, plus be kind to the environment too.   Many of the concrete floor scrubbers use much less water than high-pressure cleaners as well as discharge waste according to EPA guidelines.  They can clean and dry concrete floors whilst moving forward and reversing and because they’re designed to be quietly efficient, disruption to the working environment is minimal. 

The good news is that it’s possible to hire floor scrubbers and sweepers, so you can have all the advantages of top-of-the-range equipment in a flexible and cost-effective hire solution.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the versatile concrete equipment for hire that will make short work of cleaning any type of concrete floor, including honed, stained and polished surfaces:

  • Heavy-duty ride-on floor scrubbers. These battery-operated machines are generally used for fast scrubbing of large industrial and commercial floors (internal and external) with some models covering up to 3 500m2 per hour. They have different pads or brushes for different types of cleaning.

  • Large ride-on sweepers. These generally use cylindrical and rotary brushes to collect dry debris and have built-in vacuum and dust filter controls to keep airborne pollutants to a minimum.

  • Walk-behind pressure washers. These can be used for pressure-washing concrete or asphalt floors and walkways, with some models offering a detachable handgun which makes light work of cleaning walls and tight areas.

A good concrete equipment hire company will offer a range of sweepers and scrubbers in various sizes and configurations so that you get the ideal cleaning solution for your particular application.  Some will also offer additional options such as burnishers and space heaters for a complete cleaning solution.

When it comes to hiring concrete equipment, you should partner with an experienced company who can make recommendations based on your particular application and your needs.  There’s no need to hire a large ride-on scrubber if you only have a limited floor space to keep clean, and on the flipside, you wouldn’t want to tackle the dust in your 10 000 square metre warehouse floor with a small sweeper.