Top 5 Advantages Of Polishing Concrete

Polished Concrete Floor 2.jpg

If you thought polished concrete floors were too industrial, it’s time for a re-think.

Polished concrete floors have accelerated in popularity in recent years - not only because they’re a great-looking option but because they offer an extensive list of practical advantages. 

It’s no surprise therefore, that polished concrete is the flooring of choice for homeowners, retailers, schools, medical facilities, commercial property owners, industrial premises, hotels and restaurants - from bottom-end basic to high-end luxury and sophistication.

The finish is achieved by grinding the surface of the concrete floor to expose the aggregate in the mix using concrete grinders and special diamond grit tools.  The end result varies on the concrete mix itself and the level or ‘fineness’ of the tooling, plus you can add different colours or cut glass to a new concrete floor to suit individual requirements.  Basically, you can choose the look you like.  It’s that simple - and that versatile.

Versatility is just one aspect of polished concrete flooring.  Let’s look at five other advantages of polishing concrete - and you can make up your own mind about this fabulous flooring.


A polished concrete floor will stay shiny and functional with minimal effort.  Of course, it doesn’t clean itself, so some general sweeping and mopping will be required (with larger ride-on concrete sweepers and scrubbers used for expansive areas), but because it’s stain-resistant, tough and won’t chip or scratch easily, it’ll keep its good looks for years. 


Polished concrete is one of the toughest materials around, so its strength and durability gives it an advantage over other flooring choices like vinyl, tiles and epoxy coatings.   Where durability is a pre-requisite, such as high-traffic and hard-wearing locations like shopping centres, factories and restaurants, it’s hard to beat polished concrete for extended service life.

Economical and cost-effective

The cost per square metre of polished concrete is often much less than other flooring options, plus maintenance costs will be less over time too.  It also has a longer lifecycle cost (said to be up to 60% less than other traditional floor coverings) and because of its durability, isn’t as vulnerable to damage as other materials so it won’t need replacing.


It’s a sustainable flooring choice and doesn’t require hazardous cleaners or coatings which are bad for the environment to keep it looking its best.  What’s more, polished concrete floors get a big tick for sustainability because they can actually save on energy costs.  Their reflective surfaces increase ambient lighting, reducing the need for artificial lights plus they conduct heat and will absorb energy from the sun to provide natural underfloor heating.


Concrete can be polished to varying degrees of shine, so the final result can mimic the mirror-like appearance of granite or marble at a fraction of the cost.  The option of adding different colours to the mix takes aesthetics to a whole new level, plus it’s possible to create a ‘terrazzo’ look by grinding through the top layers of the surface to expose the aggregate.  

Add versatility, hypoallergenic qualities, slip resistance and ability to resist moisture transmission to the mix and you have a powerful combination of benefits.  No wonder then, that polished concrete is the flooring of choice for savvy domestic and commercial customers who want to combine sensational aesthetics with impressive performance and surprisingly good value.

If polished concrete floors appeal to you, talk to us about specialised concrete equipment for hire.  We carry an extensive range of concrete polishers, grinders and sweepers in Perth and we can help you turn your old or new concrete floor into a beautiful, life-long investment.  Visit or contact us on 0418 222 273 for professional advice and personalised service from experienced concrete industry veterans.