Why Should You Consider Polished Concrete Floors?


While most people would say that the stylish good looks and hard-wearing durability of polished concrete flooring were the main factors that influenced their choice, there are also plenty of other really compelling reasons for choosing these floors.

Whether in a home, a workplace, a retail space or anywhere in between, a concrete floor is anything but dull when it has been polished to reveal its brilliant best.  Continue reading to learn some of the reasons why you should consider polished concrete flooring:

1.            Economical

Polished concrete floors are surprisingly cost-effective and deliver fantastic value for homeowners and businesses alike.  It’s economical to install and unlike other flooring materials such as wood, tiles, carpets and synthetics, polished concrete keeps its good looks over time so you won’t incur costly maintenance and replacement expenditure.    

2.            Beauty in strength

Polished concrete is one of the strongest flooring choices in the world, so even the toughest treatment won’t diminish its stunning, smooth sheen.  The polishing and sealing process strengthens the surface even further making it the ideal choice for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

2.            Easy to look after

Hate cleaning dirty grout or getting stubborn stains out of a carpet?  Well, with an easy-care polished concrete floor, you can swap time-consuming elbow grease for a quick vacuum, mop or sweep with a broom to get your flooring looking as good as new.   Liquids don’t soak into the floor and spills and smears can be cleaned up quickly to restore your flooring to its brilliant best. 

And for a professional finish to your floor (and to make cleaning even easier), consider installing skirting boards to create a seamless join between your floor and the board.

3.            Light and bright

One of the unheralded benefits of polished concrete floors is how much they brighten up a space with their high light reflectivity.  Any light source - be it natural or artificial light - is amplified by the polished surface and this reflection not only lifts and beautifies the room, but can also reduce energy and lighting costs.

4.            Longevity

Nothing beats a concrete floor in terms of durability and polishing it to a beautiful sheen and then sealing it makes the surface even stronger and more resilient.  Other flooring types simply can’t match polished concrete in terms of lifespan, so if you’re looking for a flooring which will maintain its looks and its performance over time, look no further than polished concrete.

5.            Allergy free

With a polished concrete floor, dust has nowhere to hide.  Unlike carpets which are a minefield for allergy sufferers, the smooth surface of polished concrete doesn’t hold pollutants and plus, it’s easy to keep clean so it’s the ideal clean air solution for allergy sufferers.

The qualities of the surface speak for themselves.  It’s easy to install, hardwearing, resilient, easy to clean and cost-effective and it beautifies and brightens every space where it is laid. 

But in order to achieve the look that you want and to get the most from your polished concrete floor, it’s always best to get advice from professionals who have the right skills and experience as well as the appropriate concrete equipment to do the job properly.

Concrete Hire has an extensive range of specialised concrete equipment, including concrete polishers for hire in Perth and can explain the different processes and ask the right questions to make sure you have the correct equipment, diamond tooling and sealer to achieve your desired look.   They can also provide a comprehensive ‘Step-by-Step How to Guide' to ensure that your job runs smoothly from start to finish.