Saving Money On Your Next Building Project


Saving money on a building project is every homeowner’s aim, but it’s every builder’s goal too.

Builders are just as keen to get the best outcome from a construction project as their clients are - so if you’re in the building business and want some tips on how you can maximise your upside, this article is for you.

Have comprehensive systems in place.  The more organised you are, the greater your chances of success.  With clear and defined systems in place for all aspects of your business such as invoicing, debt collection, employment and supplier contracts, project timelines etc, you’ll be in a stronger position to run a successful operation.

Keep control of the business.  Very few building projects go without a hitch, but if you keep a close watch on things and stay in control, you’ll be in the best space to minimise disruptions and sort out any mistakes quickly.  Delays can be costly and the closer you are to the day-to-day aspects of your operation, the more likely you are to deal with issues timeously and to your advantage.

Gather a strong team around you.  Reputation is everything and it doesn’t take much for word to get around if your customers aren’t happy with the standard of work.  That’s why your priority should be to find - and retain - a strong team of employees and sub-contractors who meet your quality standards and who understand the importance of the role that they play.  It’s very hard to claw back ground once it’s been lost as a result of a tarnished reputation - and as every builder knows, recommendations and referrals are a lifeline to profitability so it is crucial that you protect your reputation by having a strong team in place.

Hone your time management skills.  In the building industry, time is money.   You need to be able to meet deadlines, because over-runs can quickly eat into your profits.  Good time management skills are essential, and you will save money on your projects if you’re able to differentiate between what’s important and what’s urgent.  These two things are not the same, and you need to know how to prioritise tasks and avoid getting caught up in things that take time but that aren’t high on the scale of importance.  Allocating the right amount of time for each section of work is also critical (eg estimating the timeframes for site works, brickwork, rendering, painting, paving etc) so that you avoid having to pay your subcontractors extra for unplanned hours.

Develop your networks.  Input costs can be significant, so you should work on your supplier network and develop relationships with them to try and secure good deals on building materials etc.  Look for specials, do cost comparisons and shop around - and you could save yourself a packet.

Use quality equipment.  Your equipment choices will have an effect on your productivity which in turn will affect your profitability.  If you buy or hire inferior quality equipment (say for example a concrete cutter or sanding machine), you will find that frequent breakdowns, unplanned downtime, ongoing repairs or replacement or poor quality outputs will cost you money.  Your clients will get annoyed and you’ll be throwing money down the drain.

By hiring or buying good quality machines which come with proper service contracts and comprehensive technical support, you’ll put yourself in a much stronger position to deliver a quality result and you’ll save money.

Concrete Hire is one of the most highly regarded concrete equipment hire companies in Perth, with a reputation for expert advice and top quality specialised concrete equipment including concrete grinders, concrete mixers, concrete polishers and more.  They’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and when you hire concrete equipment from them, you’ll get the best range at the best price.  

You’ll also get a guarantee that your concreting job, be it a large commercial one or a small domestic one, will be done on time and on budget.  Now that’s excellent news for saving money on your next building project!

Concrete Hire is also the only supplier in West Australia to have its own dedicated service centre on site with full electrical testing and tagging facilities.  The centre is staffed by qualified and licensed mechanics and electricians plus it holds an extensive inventory of genuine parts which means your equipment can be back in service quickly and efficiently.  Concrete Hire also offers discounted hire rates while your machinery is being repaired.

For more information or to view the extensive range of concrete equipment for hire, please visit or call them on 0418 222 273.