Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Grout Pump

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Whether you’re a large commercial builder or a home DIYer, a grout pump is one of the most important machines to have.  

But unless you are certain that your requirements won’t change and that every future project will be exactly the same, it makes sense to take advantage of the flexibility that hiring a grout pump brings.   These machines come in many different sizes and capabilities, and because it’s possible to hire a one on both a short and long-term basis, so you can access them exactly where and when you need them.

By way of illustration, here are five key reasons why hiring a grout pump makes sense.

  1. Ensures higher accuracy and better quality

    A grout pump means you can pump concrete exactly where it’s needed, so there’s minimal waste or mess. Whether you’re after a powerful concrete lime pump that can discharge 70 cubic metres of material an hour or a small and compact manual grout pump, these specialised machines will make a world of difference to your concreting job.

    Moreover, a grout pump will require less water than other pouring techniques so it results in a stronger, better quality material.

  2. Faster concrete/grout pour

    Time is money, so why wouldn’t you want to access equipment that helped you do the job faster? If you hire a grout pump, you’ll eliminate the unnecessary costs involved in using manual labour and wheelbarrows to transport the material AND you’ll save time, so your customers (and your bottom-line) will benefit.

  3. Added flexibility

    When you buy concrete equipment, you not only make a considerable financial commitment but you’re also limited in your equipment choices. Hiring gives you far greater flexibility as you can choose the model to suit the job and scale up or down as your needs change. This flexibility means you can respond to your customers’ needs more quickly and choose equipment that is fit for purpose, rather than making do with what you have.

  4. Qualified technical advice

    When you hire equipment from a specialist supplier, you get the benefit of their knowledge and experience. They can advise you on the best grout pump for a particular project and will pass on all their expertise so that you can improve your business. It’s like having a technical specialist on your payroll - except that their advice is free!

  5. Access a range of equipment

    Grout pumps come in many different sizes, including small and compact 240V manual grout pumps for pumping grouts, self levellers and micro-fine cement injection, large 415V 3-phase machines with onboard mixers and compressors for mixing and pumping engineered grouts, renders and specialised concretes and fully automated grout stations for the production of high volumes of construction grout for screw piling, house slabs and block fill - and it’s possible to hire different types to meet varying project needs.

From home handymen and owner/builders to large national construction companies, proponents of equipment hire come from all sectors of the industry.  They all realise that there are many practical and economic advantages of concrete equipment hire - and if you’re interested in finding out how your business can benefit, get in touch with Concrete Hire.