Make Your Maintenance Work Count This Christmas

scrubber medium.png

Many organisations use the Christmas holiday period to spruce up their workplaces or to undertake necessary maintenance.

And because the workplace is generally empty during this period, many businesses seize the opportunity to tackle larger scale projects like cleaning or upgrading the walls, floors and carparks because the job won’t impact the operation or disrupt productivity.

So, whether you’ve got a warehouse or a workshop, an office, factory or retail space, it can be a good idea to use the festive season break to do cleaning or maintenance so that your premises are shipshape for the start of the new year.  Employees, customers, suppliers and visitors will all appreciate the cleaner, smarter environment and it can be a project well worth doing.

Of course, to get the job done efficiently and properly and within the time constraints, you do need the right equipment.  And that’s why your choice of equipment hire company really matters.

If they’re worth their salt, the hire company will ask probing questions to make sure that the equipment that you choose is appropriate for the job - and they’ll guide you to make good decisions about what it is you want to achieve.

For example, say a business owner wants to clean the concrete floor of his warehouse over the December break.  Heavy foot traffic and rough treatment from equipment over the years has resulted in the floor becoming stained, pitted, scratched and a little uneven in places.  The business owner thinks he just needs to hire a scrubber and a pressure washer to clean the floor - but in actual fact, a better option would be to hire a concrete grinder, polisher or burnisher.  Why?  Because a complete overhaul of the concrete surface would be a far better option than a superficial clean and would deliver a huge number of benefits, including long-term cost savings and reduced risk.

Walk behind pressure washer.png

An experienced concrete equipment hire company would establish the outcome of the planned project and recommend appropriate equipment and processes to achieve the desired result.   Polishing the old concrete floor would make it not only look good for longer, be more durable and more functional - it would also make the surface even, slip-resistant and much safer - all of which are key considerations in a workplace.

That said, if the company wanted to simply clean their floor or the walls, the hire company would first establish the size of the area that needed cleaning and work out what type of equipment would be best.  Depending on the surface area, they would recommend either a walk behind, self-propelled or ride-on scrubber or sweeper and if the situation demands, may even recommend a  machine like a walk-behind pressure washer that has a detachable hand-gun for cleaning walls and tight areas.

If you think your operation could benefit from a Christmas clean-up, you should get in touch with the professionals at Concrete Hire on 0418 222 273.  They’ve been in the business of specialised concrete equipment hire in Perth for decades and have helped many organisations - large and small - to make profitable decisions that have long-term benefits.   They stock an extensive range of leading brands including Tennant scrubbers and sweepers