Equipment Choice Determines The Outcome Of Your Concrete Drilling Project

Core Drill Large HF 2.jpg

When it comes to concrete drilling, your choice of equipment is the number one factor in determining the outcome of the project. 

It’s a simple equation.  Speed + efficiency = profitability.   

If you use the right drilling system, you’ll improve the speed with which the operator can drill holes, you’ll improve the efficiency of the whole process from start to finish and there’ll be bottom-line benefits.

That’s why we’ve introduced a brand-new high frequency drill to our already extensive range of concrete equipment. 

We know how important budgets and results are to our customers, so we continually upgrade and extend our product line to give you greater choice and improved outcomes.

If you need to drill holes in concrete, bitumen, sandstone, brick, granite, marble, masonry or stone, our new high frequency drill will get the job done quickly and effortlessly.  With versatile capabilities (it can drill up to 300mm diameter holes on 240 volts and up to 900mm diameters on 415 volts) and handheld or stand options, it’s a heavy duty performer with a lightweight construction.

Whether your core drilling application is in a roof, on a bridge, through a wall, tunnel or road surface, this robust high frequency drill can tackle any job including those involving hard-wearing materials in tight spaces and demanding environments.   Its low vibrations (there are no hydraulics), ergonomic design and compact high frequency power pack make it comfortable and easy to use, with set up, loading and storage a cinch.

What’s more, its innovative design and advanced high frequency technology delivers more torque without sacrificing accuracy making it the ideal tool for core drilling when a high level of detail is required - such as rerouting cables, pipes and wires.

This high frequency drill is just one of many powerful performers in our extensive range of specialised concrete equipment.  We know how crucial it is to use the right tool or machine for the job and we have decades of experience to help you make good choices.

If you have a question about concrete equipment or want some qualified advice from industry experts about any aspect of concrete cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing, demolition or anything in between, please give us a call on 0418 222 273.