Why You Need To Hire A Scarifier

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Many people mistakenly believe that a concrete grinder and a concrete scarifier do the same job, and that when it comes to preparing concrete surfaces, it’s possible to use either one or the other.

But they actually perform very different functions and the key to a quality outcome is to select the most appropriate tool for that particular application.

This article will help your decision-making in terms of whether to hire a scarifier or another type of machine.  We describe some of the most common applications for scarifiers, the capabilities of these machines and the reasons why hiring a scarifier can benefit your operation.

Some background

Scarifiers (also sometimes referred to as surface planers or drilling machines) are surface preparation machines which remove concrete faster and more aggressively than concrete grinders. 

They cut, plane or scar the surface by virtue of the pummelling action of their cutting wheels (made from tungsten carbide or hardened steel) which are mounted on a removable drum and which rotate at very high speeds.

These multi-tipped cutters or flails are like small hammers that continually pound the surface, breaking away small chips of concrete to produce a rough profile.  The cutters impact the surface vertically, so they can ‘attack’ any high spot or lip and reduce it to the lower level of the adjacent floor.

The number of cutter shafts per drum varies by model, but as a general rule, the more shafts a machine has, the faster the production rate and the greater the scarifying action.

Depending on the cutter assembly used, a variety of profiles can be achieved.  Surfaces can be left clean, textured or roughed-up, depending on the requirements of the application.

Why hire a scarifier?

Most scarifiers produce a surface profile of CSP 6-9, but some models offer an attachment known as ‘flat-faced tungsten flails’ which can achieve a concrete surface profile (CSP) of 3-4. 

A scarifier is a good choice for:

  • Cleaning concrete and asphalt surfaces

  • Removing coatings (including curing compounds, asphalt, rust, grease, ice deposits, epoxy materials and rubber)

  • Milling floors

  • Preparing concrete surfaces to enable a complete bond with a new covering (eg when laying new tiles)

  • Grooving paths, walkways and ramps to create a grip on them and make them slip-resistant

  • Removing trip hazards (such as lippage on a footpath or high spots caused by cracks)

  • Levelling misaligned concrete joints

  • Removing waterproof membranes from bridge and carpark decks

  • Eliminating road markings on public roads

  • Smoothing rough spots

Scarifiers are used in a wide variety of applications from construction and utilities to municipal works and the maritime industry, where they are the machine of choice when ships come into port for the heavy descaling of decks, removing rust from hulls and grooving. 

These heavy duty machines come in many different sizes and capabilities and making the correct machine choice is vital to achieving your desired outcome.  

Hiring a scarifier is the sensible option on many fronts.  It gives you flexibility, freedom of choice and the ability to select the most appropriate machine for the job so you won’t end up having to try and clean and texture 150m2 of concrete flooring with a small handheld scarifier. 

Hiring from a company with a knowledgeable, experienced team who understand the different applications in the various industries and who can make the right recommendations for surface preparation equipment can make all the difference to the successful outcome of the project.

One such company is Concrete Hire in Perth - a long-established specialist concrete equipment supplier with a reputation for quality equipment, backed by solid advice and support.  Concrete Hire has a wide range of concrete scarifiers for hire, plus they stock other surface preparation equipment such as grinders, shot blasters and scabblers and they will evaluate your needs thoroughly before making recommendations.

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